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The Arab race

A black Arab thoroughbred

Often referred to as "the most beautiful horse in the world", the Arable is undoubtedly one of the oldest breeds of horses. It is easily identifiable and is mainly used in equestrian sports for endurance and gallop races.


The precise origin of Arabian horses is not really known, Arabia is often cited, but this is the subject of much controversy. Nevertheless, it is known that the Arabian is one of the oldest breeds that are, and comes from the Middle East. Regularly nicknamed the prince of the desert, he was raised in the harshest desert or semi-desert areas.

Thanks to selective breeding by the Persian Sassanid dynasty, the Arabo-Muslims created this sober, enduring and agile horse breed. Averaging between 1.40 m and 1.60 m for 300 to 400 kg maximum, these horses are not only familiar and obedient, but also particularly intelligent and affectionate.

They left their native region to go to other regions for trade or wars, and are nowadays widespread in many countries around the world and on the five continents.


The Arabian horse is mainly used in equestrian sports, and has the reputation of being one of the best mounts in endurance competitions. It excels in this discipline thanks to its incredible cardio-vascular conditioning and generally represents more than three quarters of the entries.

This horse can however be ridden for competitions in other equestrian disciplines. It can participate in medium level show jumping. Its solid physique also gives it a certain aptitude for long rides both at the pack and rider level. This aptitude makes the Arabian one of the most sought-after candidates in Trec or leisure riding.

Apart from equestrian sports, the Arabian is used for specialized horse races which are dedicated to horses of this breed. It also participates in model competitions (Show).

Like the English Thoroughbred, Arabian horses are very often used in crossbreeding, and participate in the improvement of other breeds.