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The Anglo-Arab

White horse

Resulting from a cross between the English Thoroughbred and the Arabian, the Anglo-Arabian is a warm-blooded saddle horse breed developed in France, and renowned for its sporting performances, particularly in disciplines such as show jumping or eventing.


The Anglo-Arab is a breed historically developed in France, then in England and Russia in the late eighteenth century. Even if it was improved thereafter, this breed originally French is a cross between the Purebred and the Arab. It is moreover considered with the French Saddle as one of the two great breeds of warm-blooded saddle horses developed in France where it is very present in the south-west. This horse is nowadays bred in several other countries and all over the world.

Morphologically not very homogeneous, it is characterized by its paces, its skill, its lightness, its strong personality and especially its courage. He generally measures between 1.58 m and 1.65 m, and can weigh up to 550 kg.


The Anglo-Arab was originally used as a remount for the cavalry, and later bred as a versatile saddle horse. It is nowadays the breed of French origin most used in equestrian sports.

The Anglo-Arab horse was renowned for its sporting performance in a discipline such as show jumping until the 1980s. Today it is proving itself in eventing competitions, a discipline in which it is gradually climbing the ranks. Horses of this breed also excel in special flat and jumping races.