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The French Saddle

Le français

Resulting from the fusion of the so-called "half-blood" breeds, the Selle français is a studbook of French sport horses regularly used for show jumping.


The French Saddle is as indicated by its original name from France. In the 19th century, mares native to Normandy were crossed with English Thoroughbred and Norfolk trotting stallions to give so-called "half-breeds", recognized under this name in 1914. In 1958, all the half-blood breeds were merged under the name Selle Français.

Characterized by a large size, a harmonious and robust model, it does not really meet the notion of breed because of the absence of standard. It is rather considered as a "brand" of sport horses (SF) since the opening of its studbook to foreign horses, and the inclusion of horses without SF genetic origins in the SF studbook.

They can measure from 1.55 m to 1.80 m, with the vast majority being between 1.65 m and 1.70 m. They are characterized by their tranquility which contrasts with their energetic side. SF brand horses are exported all over the world.


The French saddle is a versatile horse, used in the practice of many disciplines in competition as well as in leisure. Mainly selected for show jumping, it is considered one of the best horses in the world in this discipline. He also participates in eventing in which he is able to shine at the highest level on the international scene.

Also present in dressage where he is gradually climbing the ladder and is an excellent horse for driving, TREC and aerobatics. He regularly participates in international competitions organized in these disciplines.