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White horse

The Anglo-Arab

Resulting from a cross between the English Thoroughbred and the Arabian, the Anglo-Arabian is a warm-blooded saddle horse breed developed in France, and renowned for its sporting performances, particularly in disciplines such as show jumping or eventing...

A black Arab thoroughbred


Often referred to as "the most beautiful horse in the world", the Arable is undoubtedly one of the oldest breeds of horses. It is easily identifiable and is mainly used in equestrian sports for endurance and gallop races...

A thoroughbred in the middle of the race

The English Thoroughbred

The English Thoroughbred or Thoroughbred is the most popular and most used breed of thoroughbred horses on racecourses, especially during gallop races...

Magnificent western horse

The Quarter horse

The Quarter horse is a horse breed native to the United States where it is one of the most popular horses. It is mostly used in western riding, hiking, leisure and other classical disciplines...


The French Saddle

Resulting from the fusion of the so-called "half-blood" breeds, the Selle français is a stud-book of French sport horses regularly used for show-jumping...

Driven horse

The Trotter

The trotter is one of the most popular horse breeds in the world, its history is directly linked to the development and success of trotting races. The term Trotter includes different breeds of horses from different countries...