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About twenty breeds of blood horses are recognized and exploited in France. Generally used for racing or leisure activities, these horses are either purebred or cross-bred. Among the best known and used in France are the English thoroughbred, the Arab, the French trotter, the French Saddle or the Anglo-Arab.

Table by Géricault

The Epsom Derby

If the Liverpool Grand National is undoubtedly the most emblematic horse race in the United Kingdom, the Derby Stakes, better known as the Epsom Derby, is the one that brings into play the biggest prize money...

Grand National Show Jumping

Grand steeplechase de Paris

Since 1874, the year of its inauguration, the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, formerly known as the "Grand National", has seen horses aged 5 years and older compete for the coveted title of best steeplechase horse in France....

The bend

Liverpool Grand National

A true myth, the Grand National of Liverpool is an unmissable equestrian event which, every year, arouses great enthusiasm, especially among the English public. This breathtaking moment of spectacle relayed by the English press brings together no less than 70,000 spectators at the Aintree racecourse...

Tribune of the racetrack

Grand Prix of America

Inaugurated in 1920, the Prix d'Amérique, still known as the Grand Prix d'Amérique - as a tribute to American support during the First World War - is the unmissable event for harnessed trotting. The last Sunday of January each year, this race takes place on the Vincennes racecourse...

Start of the race

Jockey Club Award

Every first Sunday in June, the Prix du Jockey Club, a galloping horse race on a flat grassy track, is held at the Chantilly racecourse. With a total allocation of €1,500,000, this flat race is the best endowed in France....

Jump at the price of Nakayama

Nakayama Grand Jump

With a basic allocation of more than €1,000,000 - plus a variable part determined according to the commitments made - the Nakayama Grand Jump is one of the most lavishly endowed Steeple-Chase horse races in the world...

A galloping horse in front of the prize

The Arc de Triomphe Prize

The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe is a flat horse race considered to be the most important in the world. Every first Sunday in October, the world's greatest gallopers meet in front of nearly sixty thousand spectators...

The main breeds of blood horses

The Arabian is one of the oldest breeds of blood horses. It is generally used for endurance, galloping races, but also for recreational activities. On the other hand, the French trotter is one of the most recent breeds. It is very appreciated and used by the enthusiasts of harnessed trotting for its ability to climb.

Like the French trotter, the English Thoroughbred or Thoroughbred is one of the breeds of bloodhorses that participate the most in horse racing. Very skilled in show jumping and flat galloping, Thoroughbreds are widely used in crossbreeding and contribute to the improvement of almost all breeds of bloodhorses.

Speaking of crossbreeding, the Anglo-Arab and the Selle Français are among the best known breeds of bloodhorses resulting from hybridization with the Thoroughbred. The former is derived from crossbreeding between the English Thoroughbred and the Arab, while the latter is a cross between the Thoroughbred and native mares. The Anglo-Arab and the Saddle are the main French sport breeds. The Anglo-Arab also participates in flat and jumping races.

Some thoroughbred breeds are mainly used for leisure activities. They are for example the Henson, the Mérens or the Camargue. The latter, which lives in herds in the swampy areas of the Camargue, is also used for work in the pastures.