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The essential care for the balance of the horses

Horses need a lot of care and special attention. Some of this care needs to be practiced on a daily basis before and after work such as grooming, or depending on the weather conditions such as showering or mowing.

Grooming is an essential treatment that cleans and massages the horses. Its purpose is to rid the animal of dust, food waste, dried sweat, straw or dung stains. It participates in its physical and moral maintenance, but above all it helps to strengthen the complicity between man and animal.

The shower is mainly used to clean the animal, but it can also be used to refresh it, especially in summer when it is hot enough outside, or if the facilities are equipped with a heated shower. The integral shower must be done on a punctual basis and associated with a shampoo. However, a regular shower of the limbs will allow the animal to get rid of mud or sand after work. The animal must absolutely be dried before entering its enclosure.

As for mowing, it is generally practiced in winter to reduce perspiration. Indeed, when it is cold, the horse if it is not sheared will tend to produce a thick winter coat to protect itself. It is recommended to shear it and cover it with a blanket. Shearing can be complete or partial.

Whether for racing, leisure or other activities, horses of all breeds need feet in good condition. They are regularly trimmed, shod and greased, especially at the hoof if the animal's daily work requires it. They therefore require special care. This care may consist of occasional cleaning to rid the animal's feet of waste that could be harmful to them.

To stay healthy and perform at their best, horses also need a good feed ration, an up-to-date vaccination record, and regular worming.